We have been in the market since 2004. Our portfolio of services is responsible for minimizing the possibility of:

  • Wrong identification of suppliers for decision making.
  • Quality problems when receiving products.


  • We maintain a network of inspection stations as well as accredited laboratories in various countries.
  • Our team of inspectors is available to meet the requirements of potential clients in different continents where we have a presence.
  • Network of laboratories in China, India, Turkey, Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, among others; that maintain accreditation under iso1725 standards in each of their recognized regions: CNAS (china national accreditation service for conformity assessment), NABCB (national accreditation board for certification bodies), TURKAK (turkish accreditation agency) ENAC (national accreditation entity) , ONAC (colombian accreditation body), SAE (ecuadorian accreditation service).
  • Accreditation of inspections with ISO/IEC 17020
  • Product certification under ISO/IEC 17065 standard 
  • Our accreditation issued by the SAE (ecuadorian accreditation service) has the international recognition IAF (international accreditation forum), for which it is recognized throughout the world.


To be recognized as the main strategic ally of product inspection and certification services of leading companies in their businesses in the markets where we have a presence.


Generate the maximum value for our clients in inspection services, such as product certification; increasing profitability, efficiency and competitiveness in its supply chain by facilitating transparent and dynamic processes based on ethics and professionalism.


  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Social responsability
  • Customer orientation
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Confidentiality


Our commitment is:

  • Detect the needs of our clients in order to define the service to be provided.
  • Have qualified and continuously trained staff.
  • Permanently improve our processes, seeking to meet the needs of customers.

We have a team of professionals in several continents oriented to customer service who will work based on corporate principles and values in all requested processes for the benefit of both companies.


Properly carry out the inspection and product certification work in accordance with our scope of accreditation, in order to verify quality standards, aligning ourselves with current regulations, through the technical skills of our qualified personnel; always looking for the continuous improvement of the quality management system.


  • Guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of our clients regarding the services of inspections and product certification provided.
  • Seek to exceed customer expectations by providing added value to our service and creating competitive advantages.
  • Have qualified and competent human resources to guarantee the reliability of the results of the inspection and product certification.
  • Excellence in the results of our clients.
  • Maintain and continuously improve the quality system according to the current NTE INEN-ISO/IEC 17020 and NTE INEN-ISO/IEC 17065 standards.
  • Carry out an annual review of compliance with the defined management indicators.

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